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Construction Chemicals

Ari Mra 3 Concentrated Solution

Ari Mra 3 Concentrated Solution

Approx. Rs 125 / Kilogram

  • Usage: Industrial
  • Color: Brownish
  • Size: 50 Kg
  • FORM: Liquid
  • Grade: Chemical grade
  • Fluorinated: Non Ionic

Identifying unmet customer needs within a market, we are occupied as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Brownish Ari Mra 3 Concentrated Solution in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Ari Mra 3 is a concentrated solution made for use on metal formwork used by the construction industry. It is a clear brownish liquid meant for quick removal of "stuck on" old concrete.

Ari Suplast Tb 101 S Superplasticizer

Ari Suplast Tb 101 S Superplasticizer

Approx. Rs 340 / Kg

  • Application: Textile industry
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Packaging Type: Drum
  • Packaging Size: 25 litre
  • Colour: Brown

PRODUCT NAME :ARI SUPLAST TB 101 S Synthetic, brown colour liquid superplasticizer for concrete conforming to IS 9103 - 1999 and ASTM C494 type G specifications.
DESCRIPTION :ARI Suplast TB 101 S is formulated form sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde and selected water soluble co-polymers. Suitable for use in structural as well as under water concrete mixes for beams, slabs, columns, stair cases, etc., where addition of Ari Suplast TB 101S enables the concrete to flow through the dense reinforcement.
ADVANTAGES :Increases workability of mix. Saves cement. Produces cohesive mixes. Compatible with all cements. Lowers permeability of concrete. Increases durability of concrete. Reduces segregation / Bleeding. Increases slump retention for longer transit period.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE :Dosed between 0.5% and 2.4% by weight of cement. In extreme climate, dosage can also be further increased upto 3.50% by weight of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD :To be mixed with dosing water.

Ari Plast M Mortar Plasticizer

Ari Plast M Mortar Plasticizer

Approx. Rs 260 / Kg

  • Usage/Application: Industrial
  • Packaging Size: Upto 250Kg
  • Physical State: Liquid
  • Packaging Type: Barrel
  • PH value: 8

PRODUCT NAME :ARI PLAST M Liquid Mortar Plasticizer.
DESCRIPTION :Ari Plast M is used to improve the workability of cement mortar and prevent shrinkage cracks. Since the flowability of mortar increases, labour productivity increases saving costs.
ADVANTAGES :Increases mortar workability. Lowers rebound losses. Prevents shrinkage cracks. Versatile product, multiple uses. Improves adhesion and durability of the plaster.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE :Dosed between 0.3% and 0.4% by weight of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD :Dosed into the mixing water.

Aricol TM RGB Dyes

Aricol TM RGB Dyes

Approx. Rs 180 / Kg

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Kg
  • Form: Liquid
  • Fabric Type For Application: Wool
  • Material Type: Feathers
  • Classification: Super-Milling Acid
  • Types: Strong
  • Color: Blue
  • Usage: Industrial

The new Dyestuff development to utilize low cost dyeing at 600 C dyeing temperature

AricolTM RGB Dyes in the Exhaust Method
  • Very Good reproducibility
  • Very good built-up, even in deep shades
  • Good washing - off properties
  • Uniform fixation
  • Excellent cost efficiency
AricolTM RGB DyesSuitabilityFastness to

Yellow RGB
Blue RGB

Ari Quickset Accelerator

Ari Quickset Accelerator

Approx. Rs 150 / Kilogram

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Kilogram
  • Type of End Use: Industrial
  • Grade: Liquid
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Pack size: 25 Kg

PRODUCT NAME :ARI QUICKSET An accelerator for wet mix shotcreting.
DESCRIPTION :Ari quickset, with its unique TRIPLE ACTION formula considerably accelerates setting, increases workability at low W/C ratios and improves shotcrete cohesion to the surface. It is free from chlorides and is compatible with all shotcrete mix designs in any part of the country.
ADVANTAGES :Acclerates Setting. Reduces rebound losses. Improves cohesion. Time saving and economical.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE :Dosed between 8% to 10% by weight of cement directly at shotcreting water pump.
APPLICATION METHOD :Added into water, or introduced at the shotcreting water pump.

ARI MRA 2 Mould Release Agent

ARI MRA 2 Mould Release Agent

Approx. Rs 175 / Kilogram

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Kilogram
  • Usage/Application: Laboratory
  • Packaging Size: 25 L
  • Physical State: Powder, Liquid
  • Grade: Industrial

PRODUCT NAME :ARI MRA 2 Concentrated Mould Release Agent to be diluted with water.
DESCRIPTION :Ari Mra 2 is a concentrated mould release agent. Smooth demoulding of concrete provides many advantages in the concrete work practice. The product is specially designed so as to offer such advantages and prolong the life of shuttering.
ADVANTAGES :Very economical to use. Dilutable with water - no need for diesel oil. Cleanly releases formwork. Provides excellent surface texture to concrete. Easy to use.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE :Add 10 - 15 litres of water to 1 litre of the concentrated Ari MRA 2 solution. Each litre of ready to use product ( mixed 1:15) will cover an area of about 1600ft².
APPLICATION METHOD :It can be applied either by brush, roller or by spray.

Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals

Approx. Rs 195 / Kg

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Kg
  • Physical State: Powder, Liquid
  • Type: Construction Adhesives & Sealants, Concrete Admixture
  • Application: Tanks, Terrace, Walls, Roofs, Basements
  • Category: Acrylic Based Polymer Coating, Waterproofing Coating
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Packaging Size: 20kg
  • Packaging Type: Bucket
  • Form of Chemicals: Liquid
  • Grade Standard: Technical Grade

Construction Chemicals are designed to contribute to quality as well as enhanced durability of construction activities undertaken and are made available under heads like plasticizers, concrete admixtures and waterproofing chemicals. These provide working as specialty products and find usage in structures for enhancing their life as well as provides for additional protection from environmental factors.

Further, these also support in minimizing need of cement and water needed during construction activities. These chemicals can be used in large-scale construction projects and also in construction activities involving special design and engineering support as per the specific process requirements. Some of the work areas these chemicals are used in include as surface treatment, waterproofing, concrete admixture, coating, sealer, grout, floor hardening and others.

Ari Plast 100 R Plasticizer

Ari Plast 100 R Plasticizer

Approx. Rs 200 / Kg

  • Nominal Size: 1/2''
  • Color: Brown
  • Single Hose Length: 6m
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • ViscoSity: Plasticizer

PRODUCT NAME :ARI PLAST 100 R Retarding Plasticizer.
DESCRIPTION :Ari Plast 100 R is a liquid retarding plasticizer. It disperses instantly in the mixing water and form a film on the cement particles. It is a highly effective set retarder.
ADVANTAGES :Improves concrete workability. Retards concrete setting. More time is available between continuous pours. Avoids cold joints.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE :Dosed between 0.3% and 0.6% by weight of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD :It is dosed in the mixing water which is then added into the mix subsequently.

Ari Bondaid Polymer

Ari Bondaid Polymer

Approx. Rs 340 / Kilogram

  • Material: PVC
  • Usage/Application: Industrial
  • Color: White
  • Type: Construction Adhesives & Sealants
  • Grade Standard: Industrial

PRODUCT NAME :ARI BONDAID Polymer for binding new concrete to old concrete.
DESCRIPTION :Ari Bondaid has excellent bonding properties for binding new concrete to old concrete, old concrete to old concrete and new concrete to new concrete.
ADVANTAGES :Easy to apply. Adhesion to wood, glass,steel and most substrates. Forms a water tight bond. Low consumption.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE :Normally 40 ft.² area is covered by the mixture of 1 part Ari Bondaid and 1 part of OPC.
APPLICATION METHOD :Brush applied or trowel applied.

Ari Ruscon Rust Converter

Ari Ruscon Rust Converter

Approx. Rs 220 / Kg

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Kg
  • Pack Size: 25 litres
  • Packaging Type: Can
  • Form: Liquid
  • Type: Construction Adhesives & Sealants
  • Application: Steel
  • Color: Brown

PRODUCT NAME :ARI RUSCON Rust converter for use on structures and re-bar prior to repair.
DESCRIPTION :Ari Ruscon is a chemical solution, which reacts with rust and converts the same into an insoluble grayish black coating. This coating protects the metal from further rusting and provides a base for application of protective paint coating.
ADVANTAGES :Ready-to-use product. Very economical. Converts rust immediately into a protective coating. Anti-Corrosive properties of conversion coating.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE :Covers approximately 15 to 18 M² area in 1 lt.
APPLICATION METHOD :Ari Ruscon can be applied by brush or spray method.

Additional Information:
  • Production Capacity: 500-1000
  • Delivery Time: Within 10 working days
  • Packaging Details: As per standard requirement

Ari Pwc Waterproof Coating

Ari Pwc Waterproof Coating

Approx. Rs 315 / Kg

  • Form: Liquid
  • Application: Construction
  • Surface of Application: Plastic , Wood, Concrete, Roofs, Metal
  • Category: Waterproofing Coating
  • Brand: ARI

PRODUCT NAME :ARI PWC Polymer modified cement based waterproof coating.
DESCRIPTION :The latest polymeric compound made from selected synthetic copolymers. Ari PWC has multiple applications. It forms a tough waterproof barrier coating on the substrate it is applied on. It can be used for waterproofing underground structures, water retaining structures, slabs, sanitation blocks, etc. It is very useful for surface coating of masonry. Brick steel and wood, for fixing ceramic files, joint filling, crack repair floor screeding and porous surface sealing.
ADVANTAGES :Excellent bonding property to mortars, concrete, brickwork, wood, glass, aluminium and steel. Improves flexural and tensile strength and thin section fragility of cementious system. Reduces chloride / salt penetration in marine environment. Self curing. Increases durability of concrete.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE :1 part of Ari PWC is mixed with 1- 1.5 parts of OPC. 1 kg of Ari PWC approximately gives average coverage of 35 square feet after mixing with cement.
APPLICATION METHOD :2 coats of mixed product to be brush applied/painted or sprayed on the surface.

Rubber Chemicals

Rubber Chemicals

Approx. Rs 250 / Kg

  • Type: Antioxidants
  • Packaging Type: Drum
  • Form of Chemicals: Liquid
  • Categories: Agrichemicals
  • Physical State: Liquid
  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Rubber Chemicals features outstanding quality as well as processing characteristics and find rich usage in making rubber chemically safe as well as suitable for use in industrial rubber processing applications. These provide working as release agents, dispersing agents, flow promoters, lubricants, antistatic agents, slip agents, extenders, processing aids, antioxidants, accelerators & pigments.

Here, under rubber chemicals, we are offering Aricid 20M which works as a anti-mould agent for tanning industry as well as assists in protecting wet leathers from mould formation.

Available range : Accelerator TMT that works as fast accelerator for NR, SBR, BR, NBR & EPDM compounds; Accelerator ZDC that works as fast accelerator for NR latex based compounds; Accelerator ZMBT that works as semi fast accelerator for NR and other latex based compounds and others.Aricid 20M
  • Antimould Agent for the Tanning Industry
  • Microbicide suitable to protect wet leathers from moulds


  • Type: POWDER
  • Packaging Size: BAG
  • Usage/Application: Industrial
  • Form: Powder
  • Grade: LS-PC
  • Color: Yellow- brown powder

Ligno-Sulphonate PC has a yellow brown colour and is a completely water-soluble powder. It is a natural anionic surfactant of high molecular polymers and is rich in lignin which acts as fuel and also helps impart strength by thermally fusing at high temperatures. It has been specially developed for use as a binder for mineral based fines such as iron ore fines.


  • Packaging Type: BAG PACKING
  • Usage/Application: Industrial
  • Physical State: Powder
  • Grade Standard: Technical Grade

MCT Grade – Ligno Sulphonate has a yellow brown colour and is a completely water-soluble powder. It is a natural anionic surfactant of high molecular polymers and is rich is sulfonate and carboxyl groups with improved water solubility, surf-activity and dispersion capacity. It has been specially developed as a cement additive to maximise workability and compressive strength.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MCT
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