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Solvent Dyes

Industrial Dyes

Industrial Dyes

Approx. Rs 230 / Kg

Industrial dyes offered are formulated under the firm direction of experienced quality controllers and using best available techniques. These are widely used in various industries including paper industry, printing industry, inks industry, plastics industry and many other allied industries. Finely processed these dyes are applied in an aqueous solution and are used in dyeing of fabrics also. We provide these in both liquid as well as powdered form following the requirements of clients.

Solvent Dyes

Solvent Dyes

Approx. Rs 250 / Kg

Solvent Dyes are industrial dyes which are used to color hydrocarbon fuels, organic solvents, lubricants, waxes, plastics, and other hydrocarbon-based non-polar materials. These are soluble in organic solvents but insoluble in water and found various applications in different industries. These are generally used for gold imitation of metalized polyester films, glass coloration, inkjet inks and marking inks.

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AricolTM Vinyl Sulphone Dyes

AricolTM Vinyl Sulphone Dyes

Approx. Rs 320 / Kg

AricolTMdyes containing vinyl sulphonate group as a reactive radical. These dyes are bifunctional reactive dyes which are featuring more than two different reactive groups within one molecule.
AricolTM Vinyl Sulphone DyesSuitabilityFastness to

Yellow FG
(A. Yellow 42)

Yellow GL
(A. Yellow 37)

Yellow GR
(A. Yellow 15)

G. Yellow RNL
(A. Orange 107)

G. Yellow G
(A. Yellow 17)


Metal Complex Dyes

Metal Complex Dyes

Approx. Rs 360 / Kg

Using best available techniques and following international standard metal complex dyes are processed. These dyes have great affinity for protein fibers. These are extensively recommended by clients owing to its excellent strength and light-fastness. Owing to its good level dyeing and penetration characteristics, these dyes are widely used for various applications including stationery printing inks, inks, coloring for metals, wood stains, leather finishing, plastic and many others.

Vat Dye

Vat Dye

Approx. Rs 375 / Kg

Vat dye is one of the oldest types of dye. It is mainly suitable for cellulosic fibre for best overall fastness properties.They are insoluble in water but become soluble from by vatting process.It is widely used for run the dyeing process of cotton yarns which is used for producing jeans or denim products.

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