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Textile Enzymes

Detergent Enzymes

Detergent Enzymes

Approx. Rs 110 / Kg

1ARIZYME D-ACAlkaline CellulaseFor Household Detergent
2ARIZYME D-ALAlkaline LipaseFat & Oil Based Stain Removing Enzyme
3ARIZYME D – APAlkaline ProteaseHigh Temperature Stable Protein Based Stain Removing Enzyme
4ARIZYME D-AABacterial AmylaseStain Removing Detergent Enzyme
5ARIDET W/B/G-Improve Washing Performance

Water Based Inkjet Inks Pigments

Water Based Inkjet Inks Pigments

Approx. Rs 350 / Bottle

Essential Features
Characteristics:Dispersion with very small particle size distribution
Very good light and water fastness
Excellent Optical Density
Main Applications:Thermal and Piezo Inkjet Printing Office supplies (Water based inks, Gel inks, Indian inks)
Colour Index:Part I Pigment Black 7
Part II 77266
Composition:Aqueous dispersion of carbon black (0.1% Proxel GXL); Contains 5% DEG
Form supplied:Aqueous pigment preparation
Pigment content:Appx. 15%
Viscosity:5-9 cp
Surface Tension:>68 Dyne/cm (form supplied)
Density:1.00-1.30 g /cc
Particle Size:Mean Volume particle size less than 150 nanometers.
100% particle size less than 200nanometer.
Residue (0.5 micron):Max. 0.1% (form supplied)
Stability:Accelerated Ageing (70C) > 21 days Freeze Thaw (-15C) > 3 cycles
Dilution:With water and glycol in all proportions
Dispersion incorporation:Start formulation with pigment dispersion, add the solvent in the last step.
(no high concentration solvent).
Typical concentration in inks is about 20% to 25%
Packing:Available in 25 Kg carboys and 200 Kg barrels.

Textile Enzymes

Textile Enzymes

Approx. Rs 180 / Kg

1ARIZYME T-AC-BFACID CELLULASEConcentrated Acid Cellulase Liquid for Biofinishing
2ARIZYME T- CA- PECatalaseConcentrated Peroxide Elimination Catalase Enzyme
3ARIZYME T-AA- DSAlpha Amylase Wide Temperature Alpha Amylase Concentrated Liquid
4ARIZYME T-NC -SWLNeutral Cellulase Concentrated Neutral Cellulase Liquid
5ARIZYME P- BSPECTINASEConcentrate Bioscouring Pectinase Enzyme

Dyes for Water Based Inkjet Inks

Dyes for Water Based Inkjet Inks

Approx. Rs 340 / Kg

Manufacturing dyes for water based inkjet inks is a bit of challenge the choice is a bit limited. This is primarily because the vehicle limits the type of dyes. It is a fact that water based ink would accept only dyes which are water soluble. Dyes that are selected for application in water based inkjet inks must provide colours that are highly saturated. They must scatter or refract only a very little quantity of light. Various class of dyestuffs has been formulated like reactive, direct, acid or base for application in delicate Inkjet Inks.

Essential Features
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